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Good design has the ability to improve people's lives. And good design involves the thoughtfulness and patience to evaluate a project and its environment in balance with the needs and budget of the client.

SL Firpo Design/Craft advocates environmentally responsible building practices and the use of sustainable materials. Energy efficient design strategies are integral to every project. For example, with careful planning and proper site orientation, virtually any type of architecture can integrate passive solar design.

Every project, large or small, benefits from identifying "best practices" to minimize energy consumption and material waste. We work to expand our experience and knowledge of sustainable practices through on going education and through the research of new (and old) technologies. Knowledge is constantly enriched by collaborations with our peers, consultants and mentors.

Creativity and problem solving are essential to carry a project from conception to fruition. Valuable experience as "owner/builder/developer" has allowed SL Firpo Design/Craft a perspective from multiple sides of the table. We bring the sensitivity and sensibility to hold the big picture through the course of the project, ensuring that the overall design remains intact and in synchronicity with the needs and budget of the client.