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Building Design: Unifying the Artful and the Useful

SL Firpo Design Craft specializes in the design of residential and small commercial buildings and combines an extensive knowledge of construction techniques with thoughtful, artful design.

Based in Portland, Oregon the firm is a member of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild and the Cascadia Region Green Building Council. SL Firpo Design Craft provides both long experience and a holistic perspective of balancing the needs of the owner, the builder and the developer by applying the latest thinking on energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and other best-practices suited to the environment and style of the Pacific Northwest.

A selection of project examples are available by type category on the Projects page, including commercial building design, residential building design, ADU (Dwelling Unit) building design.

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With a passion for both Form and Function SL Firpo Design Craft brings an artful design approach for structures and interiors to each project and delivers solid, reliable results for clients.

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