Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

If it seems as if ADU’s are popping up on every block in your neighborhood, and all of your friends have converted their basements to living units, you are not imagining it. Accessory Dwelling Units are everywhere.

No doubt the popularity is due to the versatility of an ADU. In a nutshell, an Accessory Dwelling Unit is a second and smaller living unit created on an existing property. The new living unit is an “accessory unit” to the existing and primary living unit. It can be created as its own building that is detached from the primary house, or as an addition or conversion that is attached to the main house.

Our clients run the gamut from young families creating a comfortable environment to live with extended family, artists creating a customized workspaces, empty nesters who want to downsize, and others who want to take advantage of a healthy rental market.